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The Sensei Support Network's vision is to be the national charter organisation of choice for martial arts and combat sports everywhere seeking to collaborate, communicate, and plan together resulting in a better end product for the consumer. The Sensei Support Network transforms the strengths of unique gyms, schools, and dojos through advocacy, educational & networking opportunities and strategic alliances in order to promote efficiency, productivity and profitability.

BBDQ Marketing Campaigns

Becoming a member of BBDQ means immediate help. How?

  • Connection to a vast network of free and paid seminars, immediately expanding your school's reach

  • Directory of tournaments happening worldwide

  • Assistance in mass emailing karate schools throughout the nation information about events happening in your area

  • Yearly invitation to the BBDQ trade show and banquet event at no cost for members

  • Monthly newsletter opportunities to feature what your karate school is doing in your community 

  • International blog welcoming your articles; highlighting your school's activities

  • Assistance in running tournaments with free access to listing platform

  • Instructor Online training in our 'Train2Work' program discounted

BBDQ SMART Website Project

Providing website design and ongoing assistance to help members use the latest technology ​for their students

  • We can produce websites for gyms and dojos

  • Refine and redesign existing websites

  • Help advertise and list those websites

Members' Discount Program
  • Tournaments hosted by BBDQ are discounted for members

  • Seminars and special events are discounted for members

  • Banquets are discounted for members

Martial Arts Seminar and Training Programs
  • Offers seminars and training programs for students

  • Helps facilitate seminars for members of the Sensei Support Network

  • Access to a curriculum or curriculum template

  • Event listing and advertising for seminars

BBDQ/Sensei Support Network Membership Application Form


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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